Gulfport White Collar Crime Fighters


Q: Does the Gulfport Police Department have a white collar crime section? If so, are there trained detectives in it? All I see on the crime blotter are DUI arrests, minor disturbances, and minor offenses. There are con men everywhere. It would be criminal if the Gulfport police department did not have the tools to investigate crimes of fraud or other white collar crimes against us, especially the elderly, the most targeted victims.

–Bruce A. Plesser Esq., former white collar prosecutor

A: Directly from Gulfport Police Chief Robert Vincent:

“Gulfport's criminal investigations section includes three detectives, two school resource officers, a crime analyst, and a sergeant who oversees this unit exclusively. One detective is committed to narcotics investigations; the others work all other types of crime, including fraud cases. They have received training on the subject, and they routinely exchange intelligence with other local investigators. While I cannot speak for what appears in the ‘crime blotter,’ I can tell you that our detectives routinely make arrests for forgery, fraud, and similar crimes. One example is George Englund. In the event of an occasion where we learn of an organized, white-collar criminal enterprise, we will enlist the assistance of special investigators from the FBI or FDLE.”

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