Gulfport's Red Light Cameras

Q: How many citations has Gulfport issued from the red light cameras? How much money has the city made?

A: As of May 2012, Gulfport Police have issued 5,033 tickets for camera-assisted red light violations. The program, which started in March 2011, has netted the city of Gulfport $89,533 (after paying the camera company and the state). Although some violations went unpaid (3,042 were paid within the first 30 days), this total represents the violations that did get paid as well as the ones that became citations after they remained unpaid for a month or more. Some violations remain outstanding. The state received $252,486 and the camera company, ATS, received $203,000. ATS monitors the cameras and handles the paperwork and also provides legal advice to the city attorny about these citations. 

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