Gulfport's Red Light Cameras

Q: At a recent city council meeting, Lieutenant Stone told council there was no way to tell how much money the red light cameras brought in to the city. Is this true? How can a city not know where it gets its money or how much it gets?

A: It does. Here’s what Police Chief Rob Vincent said about the cameras, how the money end of the tickets work, and what money Gulfport’s seen to date. The following is the e-mail Chief Vincent sent the Gabber in response to this question.

 When a red light camera (RLC) violation is initially processed, the vehicle owner receives a notice of violation (NOV) with a $158 fine. If the NOV is paid within 30 days (roughly 60% were in 2012), the money comes directly to the City of Gulfport. We must then pay $83 per violation to the State of Florida. If the NOV is not paid, then a Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) is issued. Once a UTC is issued, the fines are processed by the office of the clerk of the court, Mr. Ken Burke. The city of Gulfport receives monthly payments from the clerk’s office for ALL traffic fines, and RLC violations are not distinguished in this report from other types of violations. At the time Lieutenant Stone made his council presentation, there hadn’t been enough time to thoroughly review these records, identify the RLC fines, and then calculate them separately. We’ve since done that analysis, and the overall numbers for 2012 are as follows:
•NOV fines collected: $326,586
•Approximate UTC fines collected: $60,600*
•Approximate total revenue: $387,186
•Paid to ATS for camera lease and program administration: $153,000
•Paid to Florida Department of Revenue per state law: $171,561
•Approximate staffing costs for court, etc:  $10,000
•Approximate total expenses: $334,561

Approximate Net: $52,625

*Based on a twelve-month extrapolation from actual data for the months of September ($3225), October ($6450) and November ($5475).

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