Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

One year ago this past Saturday, Zen came into Bob Derr's life, courtesy of Mastiff Rescue of Florida. As it turns out, this gentle giant of a dog rescued Bob – literally. Here, Bob and Zen celebrate their one year anniversary with a popsicle.

One year ago this past Saturday, Bob Derr rescued Zen, although, as it turns out, Zen has repaid the favor many times.

Zen, a Mastiff who weighed in at 185 pounds at the Publix scale Saturday afternoon, can detect seizures. Bob, who has suffered head injuries, is prone to seizures. Unwittingly, Mastiff Rescue of Florida gave Bob the perfect service dog.

"You know how some dogs are scared of thunderstorms? That's how he is," Bob says, when he's on the verge of a seizure. If Bob doesn't pay attention to Zen's warning, the 4 1/2 year old dog will take matters into his own paws.


"He knocks my ass down," Bob laughs.

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