Happy Trash Day To You!

Happy Trash Day To You!

Paxton Clubb, who lives in Gulfport with his parents, helped clean up Gulfport at James Kile’s city-assisted garbage party.

James Kile got trashed on his birthday.

Of course, at three, “getting trashed” has nothing to do with drinking and everything to do with actual trash.

James’ parents, Jon and Monica, entered his name for a chance to win Gulfport’s city-sponsored trash themed birthday party. James won, which meant that on the day of his party, a Gulfport trash truck showed up for James and his guests to explore.

The party didn’t stop there, though. The city also gave James a wooden Melissa and Doug garbage truck as a present, one that dad Jon says “is really nice. It would have cost at least $20 at the store.” The city also gave the Kiles “City of Gulfport Junior Sanitation Crew” orange safety vests and 13 goodie bags with recycled piggy banks, temporary tattoos and an activity book. The city also created trash-themed party invitations.

Not to be outdone by the city, Mrs. Kile created a cardboard Gulfport town, including a miniature O’Maddy’s, Bo-Tiki, Casino, the Gabber, and Pia’s. Guests at the party could crawl through the buildings and hunt for trash Mrs. Kile hid in the buildings.

“My dad had done that for me when I was a kid,” Monica said of the maze city, “it was the best party I ever had. I remembered that box maze. It was a memory I had had and I thought it would be a good thing for multiple ages.”

James had no comment, but he was all smiles and laughter at the party. Since the party, though, he’s been playing “trash man” games.

“All day today he’s been picking up trash,” Mrs. Kile said. “When the garbage truck came this morning, he asked ‘was that the garbage truck that was at my party?’

Mr. and Mrs. Kile both say the party made them the envy of their friends, especially ones who didn’t live in Gulfport.

“There was a lot of recognition that it was a very cool thing for Gulfport to be doing. Most of our friends live in St. Pete, and a lot of people were saying ‘St. Pete should be doing this’,” Mrs. Kile said. “All the people who came with the truck were really excited to be doing it. They didn’t seem put out to be coming to a birthday party on a Saturday.”

“It was awesome. It was a really cool thing,” Mr. Kile said. “It makes us love living here.”

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