Hard Candy Quiz Winners


Congratulations to Yolanda Roman, the first person to return the "Gulfport Candidate Challenge (for Everyone)" from last week's Hard Candy. Yolanda, with help from her campaign team, answered each question accurately. She was one of two respondents and the only of the the two candidates to return a quiz.

"We undertook completing the 'Gulfport Candidate Challenge' since it was another opportunity to not only work as a campaign team, but to again take a bold move to learn even more about the things that make and keep Gulfport unique," Roman said of her team. "I personally view the challenge as an extension of the expectations required of a city council member: always be ready to listen, investigate, study, work as a team...to figure things out and make the best decisions possible."

So far, our only other winner was Margarete Tober.

We still have eight shirts available, so if you're still working on the quiz, return it to CathySalustri@theGabber.com for your "You Know You're a Gulfportian If..." t-shirt.

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