Heard About Town


 Rumors that city bureaucracy has stymied the new ice cream shop at the old Small Adventures bookstore in Gulfport are “absolutely unfounded,” according to Community Development Director Fred Metcalf. The owners have spoken to Mike Taylor, a planner with the city, but no one, Metcalf says, has told them they could not open an ice cream shop. Taylor has told the new owners they will have to go through the same process for opening a business as any other business in Gulfport, but, as Metcalf told the Gabber, “that hasn’t stopped any of the other businesses”downtown. …Pia’s Trattoria has stopped serving brunch on Sundays, effective this past Sunday, although they do still serve lunch. …The Beach Bazaar has also closed its doors on Sundays. Co-owner Angela Lagan, who says last summer’s numbers on Sunday factored into her decision, told the Gabber she intends to remain closed on Sundays until season starts, “unless I hear from hordes of people with an antiques’ emergency.”


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