How to Run for Office on St. Pete Beach

Q: How does one qualify to run for office in St. Pete Beach?

A: According to the city clerk’s office, qualified candidates will meet the following requirements:

• Pay a $10 non-refundable fee for a Candidate Guidebook.  

•Appoint a campaign treasurer and designate a bank for campaign funds

• Pay a $40 filing fee and an election assessment fee (1% of commission salary)

Complete the following:

• Candidate application

• 15 completed petition cards to the clerk

• Loyalty Oath and Oath of Office

• Financial disclosure

• Certification of Receipt of Notice of Pre-Election Tests of Voting Equipment

• Certification of Receipt of Notice of Penalty for Late Filing of Treasurer’s Reports

• Statement of Candidate

All these things should be submitted to the Clerk by noon on December 21.

Interested in running? Pick up a candidate packet at the clerk’s office at city hall. Qualifying begins at noon on December 10 and ends at noon on December 21.
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