If there's No Injury, there's No Crime!
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I am SHOCKED that ANYONE would submit to our public servant government, to allow our travel being Restricted by use of a Camera! Not to mention the US Supreme Court ruled many years ago that for ANY municipality (or Mini-Corporation) to try to PROFIT by usurping Publicly-Owned Property to benefit Itself, is UNLAWFUL.

Every "officer" whose electronic signature is photo-shopped onto these Moving Violations (Hello?) is committing PERJURY. Read the FL codes: how many COMMERCIAL (vehicles operating in Commerce) are you ticketing? Or are you merely ticketing EVERY Private Vehicle in Operation? Does anyone around here even KNOW our Constitution? Or has everyone become so lazy & complacent here, you all blindly accept this Police-state takeover?

The #1 rule is: If there has been no Injury to a Person, or a Person's Property - there's NO CRIME committed. I want to know why the City of Gulfport has joined the communist-regimes usurping our Rights by utilizing Administrative Actions to systematically violate the laws of this nation & it's Territories in exchange for a buck.

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Member Opinions:
By: GGagnon on 7/26/12
So your arguement is "Wait till they kill someone then ticket them"?