Introducing the Mayor Mike Rec Complex

Introducing the Mayor Mike Rec Complex

 After three decades as an elected official, Gulfport Mayor Mike Yakes will no longer have his photo on the wall at City Hall. As of February 23, though, he will have his name on the Gulfport Recreation Center.

Gulfport will honor Mayor Yakes by renaming the Gulfport Recreation Center the Michael J. Yakes Recreation Complex.

“Just with your history and your involvement with kids and little league, I can’t think of a more appropriate building to have your name on it,” Vice Mayor Sam Henderson Sam Henderson told the mayor.

“I’m deeply honored, and I might be the oldest member of the Rec Center,” Mayor Yakes joked.

When the time came to approve the motion, Councilwoman Barbara Banno approved the motion to rename the Gulfport Recreation Center.

“Proudly, yes,” she said.

The ceremony to rename the center in honor of the mayor will take place at 10 a.m. on February 23.

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