Islamic Hypocrisy

Islamic Hypocrisy

The Muslim hypocrisy displayed over the U.S. military's burning of some Korans in Afghanistan is disgusting, and our government's excessive (and ineffective) response to it only a little less. The Korans had already been defaced by radical Muslim prisoners who were using them to pass messages back and forth and the burning was accidental anyway.

  Because of it six of our soldiers and a number of Afghans are dead.

  In the meantime, Muslims in the same country and elsewhere kill each other, blow up Mosques with Korans in them,  bomb schools, shoot women and children, attack funeral processions, burn Christian churches and schools and Christians and Hindus and there is nary a peep of indignation expressed. It happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Egypt, to name a few places, and is apparently acceptable as long as Muslims are doing the deed. As for the Christians, they deserve it because of their vast sins against Muslims of the years. Right?

  These are countries that don't respect any other religion, that ban Bibles, or strictly control them, that oppress other religions, that export those hatreds and intolerances to their adopted countries in Europe, and openly declare Jihad on the West and all their religions. Yet, they are the ones outraged all the time. However, because they are killing each other with as much ferocity as they are trying to kill us "outsiders", I can take some comfort in realizing that they apparently hate each other as much as they hate us. That's why we shouldn't buy into their outrage hypocrisy.

  Give me a couple of reasons (besides "that's not what we do") why Americans shouldn't be rioting in the streets over the atrocities committed on our civilians (remember 9/11) and upon Christians world-wide, and the death threats made against anyone in the world who is deemed to have insulted Islam? I read a story the other day that since 9/11 the number of Mosques in the United States has doubled. The writer of the article argued that this was in response to the American backlash against Muslims. In the meantime, name me one Muslim country where one Christian church was allowed to be built. 

  And, what backlash? If there was a big backlash how did the Mosques grow? How come they weren't burned? Where's the big backlash? Some backwoods preacher kook burning a Koran? Big deal. He was a laughing stock. If there has been a backlash, it has been against the Jews. Is it just a coincidence, that with the growth of Islam in this country and Europe, that anti-Semitism is growing? In England, the other day, some poor guy going through airport security was arrested because he questioned how heavily draped Muslim women could go through security without being checked. She overheard him, reported him and he was arrested. If there is a real anti-Muslim backlash it will be because of government and media enforced political correctness in a so-called free society.

  The real backlash is that the American public wants to get out of Afghanistan and all Muslim countries and let them kill themselves. Ron Paul is not popular for nothing. Maybe it would be a good thing, but is it practical in real world politics? How do we keep them from being safe havens for the likes of Al Queda? As for wanting Americans out, a Gallup poll in Afghanistan indicated that Afghans want us to stay. Hard to believe. And, a Saudi Muslim scholar the other day, commented on the disastrous effects of Islam's radical and backward looking movement. So, Muslim countries and Muslim societies elsewhere do have their common sense citizens.

  It would be good to hear more from them - other than to hear how they are misunderstood. They're probably afraid of being murdered. It would also be good for our government to quit responding to the hypocrisy and utter absurdity about how we are insulting Islam and its symbols. They're doing a good job of it all by themselves.