It’s Jobs, Stupid.


It’s Jobs, Stupid.

While newspapers, internet, and television fill their columns and airwaves with reports of Herman Cain’s alleged harassment of women 12 years ago, or gasp, (had he been drinking?) at an over-enthusiastic Rick Perry speech, or puzzle over what the radical mob group called Occupy Wall Street really is, the issue is JOBS. Not the Apple guy. It’s jobs, stupid, to paraphrase the old political war cry “It’s the economy, stupid”.

  Jobs are there. Good jobs. Long term jobs. Jobs just awaiting approval of the Obama administration. Big problem, though. The jobs are oil jobs. No, not the off-shore oil drilling jobs. Those are just restarting after a too-long moratorium. I’m talking about pipe-line jobs for a 1200 mile pipe that will carry oil from the tar sands areas of Alberta, Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. A three-fer, if you will. Jobs here, help your allies, and decrease Middle East oil dependence.

  The State Department has to approve it and Obama said he’s making the final call. Environmentalists don’t like it, of course, and Obama’s no friend of fossil fuels. That means an estimated nearly 150,000 jobs are likely to be held up and are already being held up. There is a natural gas boom, and potentially an oil boom, in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York. This is generating high paying jobs and could create more. The feds main interest has been to slow the process down.

  Ask yourself, do you recall one speech in which Obama has discussed the boom going on there? Has he talked about converting gasoline vehicles over to natural gas? I don’t recall any mention. Yet, it’s being done as you read this. What has been mentioned is electric vehicles and solar and wind projects. How have those gone? Have you heard much from the administration about the oil boom in North Dakota? Well, there was one story about birds dying because of it. Not much about then 200,000 birds killed by windmills, of course.

  There could be jobs in South Carolina, too. Boeing wants to build a plant there. Can’t says the administration. It hurts the union in Washington even though the net number of jobs would increase. Got a job idea? Check out the regulations from raising capital to hiring and operating and paying taxes. “I’m from the government. I’m here to help” Yeah, right.

  Instead what’s being pushed are government jobs: teachers, police and fire, bureaucrats. The allegiance to the public union SEIU is no coincidence.  There’s no unemployment in Washington, D.C. It’s booming there and the natural resource there is the U.S. Government. We’re sure drilling that. Problem is most citizens are trying to decrease the size of the government. Note that Coloradians voted down new taxes to increase the size of government.

  There is an Obama project I favor - sort of. It’s a program to address the problems with the infrastructure: roads, highways, airports, ports, public transportation, air traffic control system, parks, forest roads, high speed rail, low speed rail, freight rail, water, storm water, sewage, dams, levees, solid waste, open spaces, pollution reduction, energy transmission, energy efficiency. Pretty comprehensive. That’s why I wrote “sort of.”

  To do this, the legislation, which is part of the jobs bill,  creates a huge centralized bureaucracy and the price is in the trillions. Not billions, but trillions. Taxing a few wealthy people won’t mean a thing even if the taxes are augmented by user fees (also proposed). Nor are these shovel ready jobs (though they are union jobs, and centralized fed government funding adds as much as 25 per cent in costs). Shovel ready they aren’t. Not even close. Review processes, not to mention planning, will take years. This is the bill Obama’s pushing the republicans to pass now. Oh, don’t the democrats control the Senate? They won’t even pass a budget, for goodness sakes.

  Let’s think big and we do need to maintain our infrastructure. But, the centralized government taking on of every project imaginable and in every corner of the U.S.? The only thing that’s going to get big is government, and the prospect of these projects getting done quickly or at all is small.

  Hey, by the way, all the unions are backing this. They’re also backing Occupy Wall Street. So is the Obama administration. Is this a conspiracy? Is this a coincidence? Is this a new legislative process? Out of chaos we get our way? Oh, I forgot, we can all have jobs if the government runs everything.

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