Keeping Gulfport Beautiful
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Most people would agree that it is the citizens and city officials that create the character of Gulfport, making Gulfport a beautiful, quaint and welcoming community in which to reside. However, the recent trend that I see emerging threatens the atmosphere of Gulfport's serenity -- the very principle that we are trying to preserve. It was clearly disturbing to me when I read a code enforcement article in a former gabber, in which a city official enthusiastically boasted, "We go looking for trouble!" So, if you are a little old lady sitting on a love seat on your porch reading your newspaper and sipping your morning coffee--BEWARE---the city officials are going to hunt you down and take away your little piece of heaven (love seat)! After all, the city has the right to violate your personal space. However, if another citizen were to come onto your porch and steal your couch, that person would be arrested for breaking and entering (in addition to the theft). That individual would be accountable for violating your civil rights. My major point in writing this is that we need to utilize common sense and common decency when developing and enforcing code enforcement standards. If there is a torn, delapidated, rat-infested couch in someone's yard --YES--that is a code violation. If something is trashy and visible, surely there will neighbor complaints- and that should be investigated. If a yard is littered with used automobile parts and old tires that are accumulating water (attracting mosquitoes)--YES-- that is a code violation and a safety concern. However, it is utterly despicable to go way out of one's way "to look for trouble," creating crisis (and animosity)when there is none. From a humanistic perspective, it is understandable, in this poor economy and with families to feed, why city employees would want to create crisis in order to justify and keep their jobs. I don't doubt that Gulfport has a lot of wonderful, hardworking employees, but it just seems that they could be utilized in a much more proficient manner- in a way that will truly make Gulfport even more beautiful. Related Articles
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