Medical Marijuana in Gulfport?
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Question sent to Paul Ray and Yolanda Roman from their campaign website contact forms:

In November Florida voters will be deciding on whether or not medical marijuana will be legal in Florida. Polls have been showing anywhere from about a 65% to 85% of voters will say, "Yes!"

Having paid attention to the financial impact other states have received from the medical marijuana industry, I feel that Gulfport should be taking a serious look at the future of this industry in Florida and whether or not we as a community want to be a leader with all the social and financial benefits that come with it or sit by and watch other communities take the lead.

I have read that this issue may be the deciding factor for the Governor's race in Florida this year.

What are your thoughts and have you considered how it could help Gulfport's economy, especially our Gulfport Police Department? (Sacramento, CA PD has benefited greatly from permits and license fees.)

Thank you!
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