Mob Rule


Mob Rule

  Bad, bad America. Its government is corrupt, corporations own the wealth of the country, one per cent of the people are rich, the rest are peasants, banks exploit the people, capitalism crushes the poor, its military terrorizes other nations, enslaves billions, its industries pollute the Earth and threaten its very existence, its political system stifles freedom, its teachers are oppressed, its students burdened.

  This is the mantra of the street people, the Occupy Wall Street mob, the ones who call for a pure democracy of the people, the abolition or nationalization of banks, the over throw of the economic and political system, the taking of the wealth from the few to give to the many, the forgiveness of student loans, forgiveness of mortgages, the freedom not to work, withdrawal from any or all wars, and power to the people.

  This is the movement that has the support, encouragement, or approval of President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, Hilary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, a host of Hollywood and Rap singer celebrities worth millions of dollars, some churches, Iran’s Ayatollah Kamenei, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Dan Rather, Jon Stewart and George Soros.

  It is a movement that has moved, and sometimes stayed, in city after city, and sometimes across the globe. It has attracted anarchists, freeloaders, druggies, socialists, the American Nazi Party, the Communist Party, people hiding out from arrest warrants, the homeless, nudists, artists, poets, religious activists, politicians, thieves, anti-capitalists, anti-war activists, foreigners, professional agitators, community organizers, the unemployed, the employed and some people actually concerned for the country. Supposedly, no one is in charge, but one organized group has $500,000 that it is not  willing to share with everyone.

  Its mantra is not unlike that of the tea party movement whose participants were upset about the bank and auto bailouts, the government/bank coziness, the national debt, the cost and burdens of Obamacare, and the socialist direction of the government. Their first gatherings were largely ignored by the major media, and sniggered at by the above supporters of Occupy Whatever. They chose to work through the political system, successfully, I might add. No one was arrested, nor did they fornicate, defecate, or urinate on the public streets, nor leave trash and debris everywhere, nor threaten, nor physically intimidate.

  By contrast, the Occupy group operates through street politics and intimidation. They are destroyers, not builders. Power lies in destruction, in chaos, in confusion, disorder, in violence or implied violence. The freedoms they preach for themselves, they wish to deny to others. Their actions in exercising their freedoms impinge on the freedom of others. Their messages about bad banks, corrupt government, too many rich, too many poor, resonate with those who don’t look too closely, or for those who seek to manipulate the movement of the moment.

  Those sincere few who seek simply to demonstrate are easily co-opted by the professional dissenters and so-called activists and community organizers not to mention the ever present socialist and communist professional organizers. There is no small degree of irony that what Glenn Beck predicted two years ago is now occurring as the occupiers move from city to city across the world. Whether they will have the effect Beck predicted then will have to be seen.

  Do I see any good in this movement? No. It is a mob movement. Do I agree with any of their complaints (whenever they can be determined). Yes. I believe the bank bailouts went too far and government and financiers were (and are) too cozy with each other. Were both political parties complicit? Yes, to an extent. However, liberal government policies that demanded loans to people who couldn’t afford them, and then provided huge financial rewards and a public/private institution (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) through which to implement the policies, and interest rates that stayed too low, were primarily responsible for the bubble and consequent crash. Were there too few regulations? No. The regulations were co-opted by corruption and politics. Is there inequity in our political and financial systems? Of course. Is it one per cent vs. 99 per cent. No. Should there be change? Yes, always and our systems do change. Nothing is static until it becomes law and is run by government.

  There is nothing positive, uplifting, hopeful about the Occupy movement. It is negative, degrading, and
nihilistic. Those who endorse it, like the present administration and the Democratic party and their supporters, endorse the dark side of politics and the dark view of America as the land of the oppressed and oppressors. They are not leaders; they are followers. They are not believers in American freedom; they are believers in freedom from America. They are not believers in individual liberty; they are believers in collective security.

  Nothing ever good comes from a mob.

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Member Opinions:
By: JuanHappicampa on 10/29/11
Bill, The Tea Party will be a blemish on the butt of humanity in years to come, so enjoy the Party while you can. ;-)

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."
John Kenneth Galbraith