More facts regarding SPB lawsuits
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While I am not familiar with all 14 lawsuits, let's review a few of them. * Weiss sued the city in 2006 regarding what he thought was a sunshine law violation - the lawsuit was dismissed. * The city asks a court if it is legal to vote on comp plans - Weiss represents CRG and loses the case - CRG wins on appeal - Ross Burnaman handled the appeal. * Weiss sues on behelf of Deborah Scheckner and Harry Keller regarding zoning changes that would allow redevelopment of Dolphin Village - the lawsuit is dismissed as neither Scheckner nor Keller were affected and therefore had no standing to sue. Cost to SPB - $17,000. * Weiss sued to have the DCA decision to accept the SPB comp plan overturned - he lost -cost to the city in the 10's of thousands. * Weiss on behalf of Harry Metz sues the city and files a seperate suit against Bev Garnett because the city reimbursed her $4000 for legal fees - Weiss dismissed his complaint in both cases - cost to the city, $29,000. * Weiss sues the city for sunshine law violations - he loses and appeals the case. * Weiss sues to overturn an election in which he does not like the results - Weiss's client ends up hiring the Battaglia law firm and they win 2 and lose 7 counts in the lawsuit. Here is a bonus - Weiss works to get Barbara Blush recalled as a commissioner in Treasure Island - a judge rules there is no grounds for a recall - cost to the taxpayers of TI - $10,000. These are facts and can be verified by the clerk of the court. As you can see, the false claim that the city loss all 14 cases is why, at least in my mind, delusional is the word that best fits his comments. Related Articles
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