Museum Porch Party Draws Crowd

Cathy Salustri

Museum Porch Party Draws Crowd

 For a porch party, not a lot of attendees stayed on the porch – they were too busy inside the Gulfport Historical Museum, exploring displays they’d never seen and discussing new ideas.

 Friday night, the Gulfport Historical Society hosted its first-ever “porch party”, complete with food donated by attendees (including a spread from Pia’s and a blueberry cake that had people talking over full mouths) and lively conversation.

 “I was very happy to see that large of a group attend,” Board Member Cathy Culler, who joined the Society in the 1990, said.  “And I think everyone there was very sincere, and they were there was there because they wanted to be there, and I was just happy to see it. Everyone indicated they wanted to help us in any way they can.”

 The Gulfport Historical Society held the event to find out what sorts of events locals wanted to see at the museum. Here’s a smattering of what they told the board of directors:

 • Have local restaurant owners and servers dress in period costumes

 • Make mullet-themed Christmas ornaments to sell at the birthday bash

 • Open the museum for ArtWalk nights

 • Have locals tell stories about old Gulfport

 • Keep evening hours

 • Hold a history contest at local schools

 • Have meetings for the public.

 The Gulfport Historical Society hoped to get feedback on ideas to energize both the town’s annual birthday bash as well as the society and museum as a whole. If you have an idea for the museum or the birthday bash, please e-mail

 Please watch the Gabber to learn of future events.