My Christmas Wish List


My Christmas Wish List

  1. That we put the Christ back in Christmas. After all, we don’t refer to a mosque as a form of architecture, we don’t refer to a Menorah as a candelabra. Since when did Christianity become fair game for intolerance? 

  2. That presidential campaigns not last two years. If the wannabes really want to win votes, they wouldn’t appear until six months before the election, like say May or close to it.

  3. And keeping with that theme, that every piece of campaign mail delivered be hit with a distribution surcharge sufficient enough to bring back next day mail delivery service from the USPS.

  4. That Roe v. Wade would never be brought up again. If men could get pregnant, this would never be an issue, and the vast majority of people have much more important things on their minds. 

  5. That we could have one December, just one, where everyone wasn’t standing around and scratching their heads trying to think of a way, any way, that the Bucs could win a game.

  6. That my cat would lose her voice (at least temporarily) when her food bowl happened to be empty.

  That’s it. It’s a lean year(s) and so I’m gonna cut my list short. Now those are things that I know aren’t gonna happen mostly because if reindeer tried to land on my roof, there would be structural damage that wouldn’t be covered by anyone. So here’s what I’m gonna do to celebrate this Christmas season.

  1. I’m not gonna stress over my Christmas tree and weigh the pros and cons of carbon footprints or anything like that. Artificial trees pay for themselves in time but they decompose I’m told at the rate of styrofoam, and live trees rape the landscape and  I suppose the very least I should do is compost or recycle it. I never even thought of this stuff years ago and so I’m just gonna do what I’m happy doing. I’m gonna get a live tree coz I love the smell and drag it out to the curb after New Years. I may even throw some tinsel on it.

  2. I’m gonna give a little money to our kids. Gone are the days of jammies and slippers and underwear and Nerf rockets and Bratz dolls. The older two really need it just for basics, and the youngest will spend it on things she actually loves without the hassle of returns caused by a well-intentioned mom.

  3. I’m gonna bake. Cookies and breads and coffee cakes because I enjoy it and I love the smell.

  4. I’m gonna remind myself to appreciate the amazing people surrounding me, yet even more, and tell them so. These include:

  4a.  My parents who just celebrated their 60th anniversary. He’s 84 and he cares for his 80 year old wife with Alzheimers and limited physical ability on a 24/7 basis. He does this with honor. These two alone epitomise the strength and conviction of traditional values, and, at least when I’m around, they don’t seem to fight much more than they did was I was 10 years old. To say that they’ve given me and my siblings a solid foundation from which to live is an understatement, and I am forever in their debt. 

  4b.  My sister has been sick for what seems like forever with a neurological disease, yet she has the sunniest disposition (always has) and manages to keep her hair and makeup perfect as she leans on her walker. I quite simply admire and adore her.

  4c. My brother’s wife was on the brink of death more than a few times over the last six months to the point where it almost seemed merciful to pull the plug, and yet here she is, out of the hospital, out of rehab, home, now unemployed because of the ordeal, and still has the spunk to fight with insurance companies. But I think the most humbling thing about her is that she now really appreciates the ability to do laundry, dishes and cook. Now that’s someone worth celebrating!

  4d. My beloved husband of 22 years who survived a stroke four years ago now and has since lived in a nursing home, who still lights up every time I walk into his room and stubbornly refuses to cut his hair. It’s so long now that when it’s braided, Willie Nelson would have nothing on him.  Now how he didn’t just roll over and curl into a ball and die I’ll never know, other than he’s just never been that way. While over the years I’ve sometimes felt the walls caving in on me and longed to get out of the house and away from the kids and pets for just a bit, the highlight of his week is coming home every Sunday to see the kids, the pets, and well, the house. Hmm.

  5. This is a stand alone pride of our resilient kids who have grown up knowing all of the above people and so have a perhaps more compassionate view of those around them and acceptance and even celebration of folks who appear to be different yet get out and about. Our bonds make us better people, I think.

  6. And finally, to my boisterously annoying cat (whom I’ve nicknamed Visa coz she’s everywhere I want to be) for teaching me and the kids that it’s perfectly fine to care for someone who no one else would want and give them a safe home, and at least on the kids’ part, even grow to love a little bit. Privately, I sometimes regret the microchip and personally, I will only commit to tolerance. But I must say it is heartwarming to see her sleep with my son every night. And she does have pretty coloring, after all. Hmmm.

  That’s all I’ve got. I won’t say Peace on Earth but I’ll push more for at least Good Will toward Men. Here’s wishing you and yours an especially appreciative and blessed Merry Christmas!

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