Neighborhood Group Gets Fees Waived for 10,000 Pounds of Trash

Neighborhood Group Gets Fees Waived for 10,000 Pounds of Trash

  Five tons of trash. That’s 10,000 pounds of unwanted items.

  4.71 tons, to be exact. That’s how much unwanted items people brought to the Junk in the Trunk event this Saturday

  “I thought it went great,” Gulfport Neighbors Vice President Margarete Tober said. She gave a few examples of the day’s successes:

  • Artist Jonathon Schork came by to drop off items when he met a lady whose car battery had died. Jonathon charged her battery and put her car back on the road.

  • Another lady browsing wanted the TVs, microwave, wheelchair, shower chair, and so forth for the assisted living home where she works but had no way to transport the items. Bill Seawall, husband of Gulfport Neighbors President Rose-Marie Seawall, made two delivery trips to the 11-bedroom home in the area.

  • A young mother claimed a stroller for her daughter. She also asked for the other shower chair to aide a 96-year-old man whom she is a caregiver. Mr. Seawall assisted in getting the items home for her.

  • Baseball bats and ball gloves left for the garbage went instead to Gulfport Little League.

  In all, 70 cars registered as they entered the parking lot, although some cars made return trips, Ms. Tober said.

  “One resident came eight times,” Ms. Tober said. The City of Gulfport co-sponsored the event. Another resident told President Rose-Marie Seawall the unwanted items he brought to the event “had been in his yard for years and he couldn’t afford to have it hauled off.”

  The event will take place quarterly. 

  “As we like to say,” Ms. Tober said, “many hands and big hearts can make a difference, and indeed they did to make this event happen. We were able to help our neighbors get rid (cost free) of a bunch of trash, make the city look better and at the same time make  unwanted items available to others that were in need. To me this event proves that neighbors are the building blocks of our community and that many hands and big hearts can make a difference. I was so proud, as many people that I have never met before or barely know came out and volunteered, never mind the great support of our city – it was just a great day! Who knew junk could have such an impact? My friend and president of Gulfport Neighbors Rose-Marie Seawall summed it up well for all of us: ‘at the end of the day  I was  tired and sore,  but my heart felt so very good!’.”

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