New "Codes" Sheriff in Town


Things that make me go wha????!!!! It's interesting how, when financial times get tough, the most vulnerable are the ones who are blamed and punished. There's a new, SELF-APPOINTED, Sheriff in Gulfport Folks! He/she created an ANONYMOUS FB page with photos of homes in Gulfport called "VISUALLY POLLUTED & BLIGHTED HOMES OF GULFPORT, FLORIDA." He/she is trying to shame/bully/intimidate his neighbors into coming up to his obviously impeccable standards. My home, which I rent, is on that list, apparently because of the Permaculture Garden out front where I used re-purposed chunks of concrete to build up the beds, and which would otherwise have been on their way to the landfill. I have been unable to tend to my garden faithfully in recent weeks as I have Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune issues which flare. I've also been battling the flu for more than a month and am currently under physician's care. Since whoever he/she/they/it is who created this page did not just approach me civilly, with the respect and dignity we should proffer our neighbors, but instead chose to police our homes and snipe anonymously at his/her neighbors, taking pot-shots from the safety of cover.

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