New Collection of Artists in Salon30


New Collection of Artists in Salon30

  St. Petersburg- Salon30 is the Morean’s newest opportunity for local and regional artists to display and retail their artwork within the gallery walls as a mini art exhibition with a market-style twist.

  The Progress Energy gallery within the Morean Arts Center evolves every 30 days with up to four new artists and dozens of new pieces. Salon30 is open daily with free admission and all works on display are available for purchase.

  For the month of January, local St. Petersburg artists Susan Gott and Chuck Coley will be featured.

  Susan Gott’s show, Tribal Elders and Spirit Guides, embodies her interest in mythological imagery, symbolism, and philosophies from historic and ancient cultures. Gott has worked in glass for 30 years and specializes in cast glass to create one-of-a-kind sculptures.

  Chuck Coley grew up in Hawaii around many oriental influences, which shows in much of his artwork. Coley is influenced by nature, certainly by bright colors, and loves large scale art. With so much detail the large sizes are necessary for the viewer to grasp how much there is. Coley has mentioned his interest in personally being at the galleries to greet guests and discuss his work.

  The Morean Arts Center is open daily from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and 12-6 p.m. on Sundays.

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