Nice Try


It really sounded salacious. "Food Police Confiscate 4 year old's Lunch" - Greeley Gazette; "NC Girl's Lunch Sent Home for Not Being Healthy" - The Blaze; "Food Police Bust 4 Year Old in NC" - Own the World; "NC State Thugs Confiscate 4 year Old's Lunch and Force her to Eat School Lunch" -

Wow - that really does sound like something ominous was taking place to a poor 4 year old in N.C.

The only problem with this is that it was "published" on the "Carolina Journal News" website, which is part of the conservative John Locke Foundation, as fact. All of the other websites, all right wing, also, printed the story as factual. And yet, alas, the truth isn't quite what these conspiracy theorists say it is.

In fact, the alleged 4 year old's mother's name was never given; she originally wrote to Rep. G. L. Pridgen (R-Robeson) to complain; and none of the above told the real story (assuming it is a real story).

Mind you, the Mother didn't speak to a teacher; she didn't speak to the Principal - she communicated this to a Republican state legislature. Wouldn't you, as a parent, march right down to that school and demand to know what was going on? But, I guess, these days, you get the most bang for your buck by tattling to a conservative State Senator.

And here is what happened.

The child was given, along with her bagged lunch, a school lunch to complete the nutritional guidelines. Imagine, a school wanting a child to have a complete meal, at the age of 4 when the brain is in its' developmental growth stage. Her lunch was not taken away; her lunch was not sent home by the state (she took it home) - she was given (not charged for) a supplemental meal.

These days, as a citizen, we need to check and recheck every charged story that comes down the pike. The elections will be bringing out misinformation by the bushel load and we all need to do our due diligence to sort through the words and charges and find out what really happened.