No Reasoning With a Pig

No Reasoning With a Pig

Gulfport Officer Pete Horning tried to coax a large black sow into a Pinellas County Animal Services van. The pig, found near the intersection of 52nd Street and 18th Avenue South Friday morning, resisted.

Robie Cruse-Curnow’s phone rang as she sipped her morning coffee.

  “Help, help!” her neighbor said. “There’s a pig headed for your yard!”

  Sure enough, when Ms. Cruse-Curnow went outside, she found a large black sow in her driveway. The sow had no apparent owner, so she, along with three of her neighbors near 52nd Street and 18th Avenue, corralled the pig. They called Pinellas County Animal Services, but Ms. Cruse-Curnow said Animal Services estimated they wouldn’t be able to send an officer for an hour, so foursome called the Gulfport Police Department.

  The Gulfport Police arrived on the scene, assessed the swine situation, and contacted Animal Services. An officer arrived within the half hour; Gulfport Police Officer Pete Horning attempted to coax the pig, but, according to Lieutenant Mary Farrand, the officers later reported the sow responded to their efforts with “a lot of squealing.” 

  Witnesses say the pig resisted Officer Horning’s gentle efforts.

  “She was really pretty friendly until we tried to get her into a truck,” Ms. Cruse-Curnow said. 

  Ultimately, officers squeezed the swine into the Animal Services truck, although Ms. Cruse-Curnow remarked that it seemed a tight fit.

  Animal Services will check the black pig for a microchip and if none can be found Ms. Cruse-Curnow said the officer told her the pig would go to a farm in Pasco County. 

  “She looked like someone had it as a pet at one time and just let it loose,” Ms. Cruse-Curnow said, adding that the pig seemed to have an eye infection. She estimated the sow’s weight as between 250 and 300 pounds.

  This is her first experience with a pig on the loose in her neighborhood.

  “We’ve been here 25 years in the same house and we’ve seen a lot of stuff,” she said Friday afternoon, “but we’ve never seen that.”

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