No RV Decision Yet

Tuesday night, Gulfport city council debated the city’s much-debated and oft-amended RV ordinance once again. The conclusion? More discussion, but at a workshop.

Councilman Dan Liedtke made a motion to table the ordinance, which council voted to approve last month and needed only to vote one more time for it to pass. Vice Mayor Sam Henderson seconded the motion, saying he had wanted to make a similar motion himself. The difference, the Vice Mayor said, was that he wanted to hear public comment before tabling the motion.  When asked, Vice Mayor Henderson said he and Councilman Liedtke had not discussed tabling the ordinance in advance.

Councilwomen Barbara Banno and Jennifer Salmon voted not to table the ordinance. Mayor Mike Yakes broke the tie against holding off on the vote.

“I believe that this needs to go forward; I don’t know if you’re ever going to resolve this, but I don’t want to stall it out,” he said.

“I think we owe it to our citizens... I’m ready to pound this out tonight. Let’s just get it done so we can move on,” Councilwoman Barbara Banno said.

After hearing citizen comment, Councilwoman Salmon made a motion to amend the ordinance, including several changes. Vice Mayor Henderson and Councilman Dan Liedtke said they preferred to wait on voting on an ordinance with several changes. In addition, City Manager Jim O’Reilly suggested the council vote on the ordinance before it rather than try to amend it drastically.

After much discussion, council opted to discuss the ordinance again in a workshop.

“I would much rather take the time and get this right,” Vice Mayor Henderson said. Councilwoman Banno agreed, but said she wanted the council to resolve the issue soon.

“Let’s pile up the workshops so we can get some of this stuff done and move on,” she said.