No Tax Increase, But You Could Pay More Taxes


Although Gulfport city council didn't raise the property tax rate, some Gulfportians could pay higher taxes in the coming year. At a special budget meeting last week Gulfport city council voted for a second and final time to approve the budget City Manager O'Reilly presented them. Mr. O'Reilly presented a budget based on no tax rate increase.

Just as they did last year, Gulfport property owners will pay 4.039 mils of property tax, or $4.039 per thousand dollars of taxable value. A home valued at $100,000 with no exemptions will pay $403.90 to Gulfport. Some homeowners could see an increase in this portion of their tax bill if their property increased in value over the past year. According to City Manager Jim O'Reilly, property values in Gulfport increased, on average, less than 1%, by .76%.

Other taxing authorities, such as Pinellas County and the schools, take a larger chunk of taxes from Gulfportians. Last year, Pinellas County taxes property owners 5.0105 mils, and the schools levied 5.5540 and 2.7480 on state and local levels, respectively. The health department, EMS, Pinellas Planning Council, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Juvenile Welfare Board and Suncoast Transit Authority all taxed property owners less than one mil per agency.

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