No Teacher? No Problem

No Teacher? No Problem

Every summer, the art teacher at Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center goes north for the summer. And every summer, the students so much don't want classes to end that they keep going without a teacher. Instead of relying on formal instruction, they continue to meet weekly at the Senior Center and paint. If someone needs advice, criticism, or help, they help one another.

This Friday night, those artists – dubbed the "Senior Summer Artists" – displayed their paintings at a reception at the Catherine Hickman Theatre in Gulfport. 

"This is really exciting for me," artist Helen Lyden said. While some of the artists have undertaken the summer art instructor-less classes in other years, Ms. Lyden came through her first such summer session with several pieces on display.

The installation hangs in the lobby of the Catherine Hickman Theatre. For a complete listing of classes offered at the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center, please visit their web site ( Alternately, you can visit the Center – open to anyone of any age – at 5501 27th Avenue South, or call them at 893-2237.

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