Open the Borders?


Open the Borders?

  President Obama’s executive order creating his own immigration Dream Act seems popular. He was doing right, he declared, in deciding to no longer deport children of illegal immigrants who have been here and are under 30 and have no criminal records, etc., etc. Of course, the key word is “illegal”. Does that mean that the children of legal immigrants, here with proper work permits, for instance, will be allowed to stay should they choose?

  I have British friends who worked here for years, who want to be U.S. citizens, who have financial and intellectual assets, and who have children who also want to be citizens, are having a devil of a time getting in permanently. Had they been here illegally, for a long enough time, their children could have automatically been citizens. The trick is to get here, whether legally or illegally, and stay long enough and you’re here.

  There is no question that the "already here illegally” children who have integrated, graduated high school, joined the armed forces, gone to college and so forth is a problem that has to be addressed. And it is partly an issue of fairness (but to whom?). Eleven million illegal residents, established in jobs, and so forth, create an issue to be discussed and dealt with. Neither political party wants to deal with it. President George W. Bush tried, but got little support from either party. President Obama didn’t try when he had a majority of Democrats in both Houses. He did part of the job by edict, by end running Congress and setting a precedent that could be quite confounding in the long run. His political timing is impeccable if he can only get all those illegal children registered to vote by November.

  Forgetting about the issue of jobs for legals and illegals, consider what other “good and right” things could be done by executive order. First might just be opening the border, period. Millions of good people want to come here and there are people who don’t believe we should bother controlling the border. Give people around the world equal access to the natural riches that God has bestowed upon this country. Just don’t enforce the law.

  Or, consider ignoring unpopular aspects of No Child Left Behind. Just declare the law outdated and ineffective and ignore it. Or, what about federal drug laws? Just ignore them for a term of office and the next in-coming president can re-instate enforcement if he or she wants to. The War on Drugs has been a failure. The Transportation Security Administration is certainly unpopular so disband it or modify it.

  Or, what about the EPA? Are environmental laws standing in the way of jobs? Re-write, by edict, the rules or ignore them. Free industry and job-seekers. Wouldn’t that be “right and good” to do now? Abortion restrictions and restrictions on euthanasia could be lifted even if states objected. And, certainly, there will be a way around any health care laws. We can also get around any and all federal “support” and interference with states, institutions, or individuals, just by choosing to ignore the laws.

  Regardless of what your view point on any of the issues are, end running Congress creates a temptation for any president. What goes around, comes around, as they say. 

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