Pamper Your Pooch at Pasadena Pet Motel

We all love our dogs, no question about it. We love to take them with us – to the park, on a drive, or to the beach. But sometimes man’s best friend can’t come with us. In those cases, you want people watching over your trusted companion who care about your dog as much as you do. 

That’s where the Triplett family comes into the picture.  Ever since the Triplett family bought Pasadena Pet Motel five years ago, they’ve concentrated on offering the highest quality boarding services for South Pinellas residents, veterinarians, and rescue organizations.

“Everybody who works here has a minimum of five years capacity in their field,” Kristen Triplett, who owns Pasadena Pet Motel with her husband Clark, says. “I want the dogs to get the care I would expect my dogs to have.”

Pasadena Pet Motel offers your dog so much more than a large kennel for the length of his stay. Dogs get supervised play time – and not just a few minutes a day, either. Kristen and her staff pay close attention to your dog when it first arrives. Simply put, if your dog seems to want to play, they bring it outside to one of the fenced play areas and play with it. At Pasadena Pet Motel, they break the dogs into play groups based on their size, the way they play, and how much energy they have. Also, the playtimes won’t cost you extra money: they’re included in your boarding fee.

“A lot of places charge extra for playtime; I can’t do that. It’s a flat fee, and it’s my choice. If a dog wants to play, I will allow it if I feel the dog is ready,” Kristen says. She doesn’t base “if I feel the dog is ready” on her gut; she’s a trained vet tech, and she knows that before two dogs fight, there are 64 signs they have that indicate a problem.   

If your dog doesn’t show Kristen that he or she wants to socialize with other dogs, your dog will not be forced to play with other dogs. Kristen and her team observe newcomers in a transition area where dogs can stay outside without other dogs in the enclosure. Staff watches them and observes their behavior and if they observe a dog that wants to interact with other dogs, they allow the dog to play with other dogs.

We could go on about how happy all the dogs seemed when we toured the pet motel, but there’s a lot more to Pasadena Pet Motel than boarding. Sure, your pet gets the royal treatment when you let her stay there, but you can also benefit from their services. If you hate to bathe your dog, they can groom him for you. They also groom cats, which, if you’re a cat owner, can be a godsend when your furry feline finds a patch of oil in the yard. 

They also have “play and train” or “groom and train” sessions for pets who need a little – or a lot – help with their behavior. 

Play and train, Kristen explains, means that before a grooming session or during a stay at the pet motel, dogs also receive training. 

“Most dogs,” Kristen explains, “don’t have an hour long attention span, so small doses of happy playing reinforce training throughout the day.” This is far less frustrating for humans and infinitely more successful for the dogs, so it works well for everyone involved. 

While at the Pasadena Pet Motel, your dog receives top-notch care, whether she’s there for a bath or a two-week vacation. Boarded dogs get playtime for no additional charge, because the Triplett family believes that it’s unkind NOT to allow a dog to play. In addition to free, supervised playtime, your pet gets free meals, medicine administration, treats, a bath (for five nights or longer stays) and more love than you can imagine.

“People say we’re comfortably priced, and we really are,” Kristen says.

Come see Pasadena Pet Motel for yourself, or call them today to learn more about their training, grooming and boarding programs. 


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