Pensions, Libraries and Procedures in Gulfport


Housekeeping items from the Gulfport city council meeting:

• Council made changes to the pension plans for firefighters and police officers. These changes will not cost the city money; they instead satisfy IRS requirements.

• Council voted to accept a grant from the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative. This grant will go towards improvements to the Gulfport library, including technology upgrades and plumbing and electrical work.

• Council named freshman Councilwoman Christine Brown, as the Suncoast League of Cities representative and Vice Mayor Dan Liedtke as the alternate. Council initially planned to name freshman Councilman Michael Fridovich as the alternate, but he asked to withdraw his name from consideration, citing personal issues that might prevent him from giving the committee proper attention.

• Council approved “reasonable rules and policies” with a 3-2 vote. Although all the council expressed consensus regarding the posited rules and policies at the workshop, since that time Councilwomen Christine Brown and Jennifer Salmon changed their view and voted against the proposed policies.

• Council approved lowering the nonresident fee for registration to participate in the recreation department. Council lowered the fee from $110 to $22 per year.

• Council suspended an ordinance that allowed people “first come, first served” policy regarding the beach pavilion.
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