Permitting in Gulfport


Q: What does the city do with permits that don't get closed out in a timely manner? What is a reasonable length of time for permits to remain open?

A: According to Gulfport’s Community Development Director Fred Metcalf, “permits are good for six months and remain active as long as inspections are called for and approved within a six–month period. Any inactivity for a period of six months will result in the expiration of a permit. Generally, a new permit will be required to continue work.”

That doesn’t mean that if you don’t complete the work in six months – but you are trying and have had city inspections – the permit will expire. It’s when there’s no activity in six months. An expired permit doesn’t mean the issue is resolved and the work is approved; to complete the permit, you must reactivate it or get a new permit.

Gulfport issues about 1,400 permits per year and the city’s one inspector performs 3,000 inspections every year. That works out to about 12 inspections a day.

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