Players Open “Sordid Lives”

Players Open “Sordid Lives”

  The Gulfport Community Players will open “Sordid Lives”, a black comedy about white trash, this Thursday night at the Hickman Theater of Gulfport. “Sordid Lives” was first done as a play back in 1996. Four years later, it was done as a movie, which turned out to be a very successful movie! As usual, the play and the movie were two entirely different animals and the play turned out to be the better of the two! Later on, this play was made into a TV series.

  Written by a Texan named Del Shores the play takes place in Texas. It was the intent of the playwright that audiences just might catch a glimpse of themselves, someone they know, or society in general by watching and listening carefully to this play. It has a very deep underlying theme, that will only be seen as the play progresses. This play is timeless in this respect. Some things never change with age and this play is a great example of just that. What the playwright brought out many years ago is just as relevant today.

  “Sordid Lives” is a madcap comedy about one exceptionally nutty family in a small Texas town. It is a fast-paced comedy, full of wacky relationships and warped senses of the character’s love for one another. Look and listen carefully, you might see someone you know! Be advised however, that adult language and situations are portrayed in the play. Consequently, the Players advise only people 18 or over attend. 

  Join the Players and your neighbors for another evening or afternoon of great entertainment at the Hickman Theater. Tickets are available at the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce, the Gulfport Casino, the Gulfport Beach Bazaar, at the door, or by calling them at 727-322-0316 for will-call tickets. 

  The play will run for three weeks, from January 10th through January 27th. Curtain time for Thursday, Friday and Saturday is 8 p.m, while Sunday is 2 p.m. 

  For more information about this play or the Gulfport Community Theater, please visit their website at: