Print Me a Pizza!

Print Me a Pizza!

Brothers Trejan Riley, 15, and Carson Riley, 10, examine a DNA strand printed on a three dimensional printer. Trejan attends Lakewood High; his brother goes to Thurgood Marshall. Both participate in Gulfport’s summer reading program at the library.

The pizza of the future comes from a printer. Right now, that may seem far-fetched, but in the next few years pizza printers could become the order of the day in many places. 

Teens had a taste of the future last Monday at the Gulfport Public Library. Cailey Klasson, the Youth Services Librarian, arranged to have Novare Library Services demonstrate the printer for the summer reading program. 

As part of the demonstration, Diana Silveira showed a short video of a similar printer printing a pizza. She limited her Gulfport demonstration to bracelets, statues, and DNA strands. 

Three-dimensional printers use plastic or powdered food, depending on the desired end result. The printer Silveira demonstrated costs about $1200; plastic spools cost about $40.

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