Re Malcom Black


I think the answer can be summed up with one word, jealousy. The top 1% was the top 1% way before the economy tanked. The 1% has the help and savvy to keep the cash coming in. Questional means, probably. Can it be stopped? To what end? Analogy. You found a short cut to work. Beats traffic, lots of time for breakfast, never late. You only tell your peers and only support officals that won't allow projects that would interfere with your short cut. Think of the investments the rich are involved in. They align with politicans that won't support any regulations on their money flow. They have experts on taxes and investments on their side. The common investor, the 401k guy, is locked out because of one of many features of regulation. They don't have enough capital to qualify for the breaks. It's not the rich people's fault, their conscious is clear. Look back to the cow future thing a few years back involving Hilary Clinton and a vip with Tyson Co. Without his help Hilary didn't qualify financially to get in. Buy, sell, make big profit. The rich help each other. Can an occupy movement even imagine breaking down the many barriers already in place?

Just asking.                                 Stan Kreuter