Red Light Report

Red Light Report

”The goal of our program,” Gulfport Police Lieutenant Josh Stone said of the city’s red light camera program, “was to reduce crashes.”

During last fiscal year (2011 – 2012), red light cameras at three intersections captured 3,501 total cars running red lights. The camera at 49th Street and 15th Avenue South recorded 1,288 violations; the one at 58th Street and Gulfport Boulevard,1,394; and the one at  49th Street and Gulfport Boulevard South, 819. Of these, 64% of the violators paid the ticket when they received their first notice.

Police have spent 220 hours, or five and half 40-hour work weeks, reviewing violations to ensure their validity, the city spent almost a full work week (39 hours) dealing with the finances (processing checks and the like), and officers spent 74 hours in court.

From April through October 2010, Gulfport Police responded to 30 crashes with injuries. The same period in 2011, with the red light cameras in place, officers answered calls for 16 crashes with injuries, a decrease of roughly 53%. These numbers represent all accidents with injuries, not just accidents with injuries at the intersections with red light cameras.

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