Renaissance Man Turns 100

Renaissance Man Turns 100

Arda Unjian takes a moment from his 100th birthday celebration to share a special moment with a special lady. He and Arlene met in the Senior Chat Room two years ago.

“This is a once in a lifetime,” Carol Ehrenkranz, the Senior Chat Room host, said of Arda Unjian as the group prepared to celebrate his 100th birthday.

As Ms. Ehrenkranz continued to speak about Mr. Unjian, calling him a “Renaissance Man”, the door opened and in walked his family – all the way from Texas. They came to the Senior Chat Room celebration as a surprise for Mr. Unjian. Although Mr. Unjian turned 100 on December 20, the chat room group celebrated on December 28.

“This is a total surprise,” Ms. Ehrenkranz told the standing-room-only crowd last Friday.

Mr. Unjian smiled throughout the celebration, pausing only to to kiss his lady friend Arlene. Arlene and Arda met two years ago in the Senior Chat Room, which meets every Friday afternoon at the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center. Their relationship started with conversations in the chat room but soon progressed to the next level.

"Besides chatting we do other things!" Mr. Unjian said to laughter as he leaned over to kiss Arlene, now 95.

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