Rental Fees Change for City Parks, Community Center


ST. PETE BEACH – Citing increased demand for renting the community center on Saturdays, the city will now charge $500 extra for any Saturday events.

Jennifer McMahon, Recreation Director, says the $500 “Saturday premium” is in line with other facility fees in the industry.

Commissioners also set a rental rate for Horan Park, as people have started asking how they could rent the bayfront park for special events.

The community center has already surpassed its income for last year, according to McMahon.

On Saturdays, the city will  now charge the following rental fees:

4 hour block - $1,000 + $500 premium = $1,500

6 hour block - $1,500 + $500 premium = $2,000

8 hour block - $2,000 + $500 premium = $2,500

10 hour block - $2,500 + $500 premium = $3,000

St Pete Beach Residents will still receive a 10% discount off the rental fees, although Ms. McMahon told the commission the bulk of the rentals came from outside the city.

The city will base its new fees for park rentals on anticipated attendance and follow below:

50-100: $150 resident; $250 nonresident

101-250: $250 resident $350 nonresident

251-500: $350 resident $500 nonresident

In addition, renters will pay between $50 and $500 as a deposit.

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