Roman Over Ray in Gulfport

Cathy Salustri

Roman Over Ray in Gulfport | yolanda roman,paul ray,gulfport,election,ward three,ward four,pasadena yacht and country club

After three months of campaigning and what the candidates themselves described as a congenial election, 3,593 of Gulport's 12,527 residents chose Yolanda Roman as their new Ward Three councilperson.

"I'm ecstatic," Councilwoman-elect Roman said from her victory party at Salty's Tuesday night. "It was a well-designed, well-organized campaign. It was really the result of hard work."

Roman won all precincts except eastern Gulfport's precinct 203, in which the Supervisor of Elections recorded no ballots. Roman's showing in precinct 208, inside Pasadena Yacht and Country Club, gave her the most votes: 675.

Roman won by 625 votes. Precinct 208 falls inside Ward One; Roman's own ward, and the one she will represent on council, encompasses precinct 210, in which she received 370 votes.

After the Pasadena Yacht and Country Club, Ward Four's precinct 209 had the most voters with 662 total votes cast.

Although elected to represent Ward Three, voters citywide elect all Gulfport councilmembers.

Roman told the Gabber she is ready to get started.

"I'm thrilled to serve Gulfport," she said.

Here's the breakdown of Gulfport votes:

Precinct     Ray     Roman      Total
203           0        0               0
206          144     246            390
207          129     192            321
208          587     675            1,262
209          250     451            701
210          292     370            662
218          82       175            257
Total         1,484  2,109         3,593

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