RV Issues Remain in Gulfport

“The more we try to fix this, the worse it gets,” Mayor Mike Yakes said as council once again debated how to handle the ongoing saga of what to do about recreational vehicles.

At last week’s workshop, Gulfport city council continued to tackle the RV issue, namely, where, how and how long people can park RVs on their property. After the council debated the issue, heard a presentation from Community Development Director Fred Metcalf, and listened to public comment, they decided to hold off on a final decision.

While “there seemed to be some consensus” among the council about number of RVs allowed (one) and the exemption for Class B (RVs that look like vans) and a 72-hour loading/unloading exemption (for preparing for a trip), and 120-hour exemption (for short term visitors) according to City Manager Jim O’Reilly and Mr. Metcalf, council still has work to do.

The council still needs to decide what to do about how many feet an RV should be parked away from the street, curb, alley, and buildings. Council also continues to debate whether or not to allow RVs to park in front of a home.

Mr. Metcalf will “fine tune and focus” the remaining issues and bring possible solutions back to council at the January 17 workshop.