Scare Tactics Inflame not Inform


If folks will "like" Gulfportwatchdogs and the Gulfport Neighbors Facebook pages, they will see that cookie-cutter conformity is not the goal of folks who are seeking reasonable, enforceable codes that promote community civility, safety, health and some basic anti-trashing, anti-pot hole, anti-sewer leaking, anti-dilapidated, anti- junkyard codes, by establishing some basic property-grooming guidelines that will enhance our property values and living environment,and which will also make us less attractive to the folks looking for a hideout to park their butts. Beware of those with their over-the-top scare tactics. If being free in a creative environment means you should be able to leave your trash cans on your lawns between pick ups,junk vehicles on front-yard blocks,weeds growing into the street, damaged sofas adorning your porch, and duck-taped mailboxes leaning into the street, maybe Gulfport, FL, isn't the place for you...anymore. I think the big problem may be our absentee landlords who will milk this cow until it runs dry, unless the city gets serious about enforcing its codes. Because of the push by Gulfport Neighbors, the city has had area litter clean ups, beach structure repairs, shopping-center landscaping, 60,000-lbs-trash pick up, and now is seriously reviewing its codes and how they are enforced. Gulfport Magazine, Visit Gulfport Florida, Shop1, and other businesses should be thrilled at what Gulfport Neighbors has accomplished: changes that will attract quality home buyers, business investors, shoppers and repeat visitors. No one wants to take away anyone's gnomes, plastic flamingos, or soup-ladle wind chimes. Folks are free to paint their houses 5 shades of purple...knock themselves out. But the empty cereal boxes some folks would gladly use to cover their front picture window that has been broken for several months, isn't the work of a creative genius in my book.