Sea Scouts and Boy Scouts in Gulfport

Q: Do the Sea Scouts, Police Explorers, and Fire Explorers have the same charter as the BSA?

A: We asked the city manager, who referred our question to the executive director of the local West Coast Boy Scouts Council. Instead of answering our question, he referred us to the following link.

This links to a page of links; under ideals, the page links to several Boy Scouts of America pages. It appears that the Sea Scouts fall under the same charter as the Boy Scouts of America, although several of those links appear not to work. It appears that yes, the Sea Scouts have the same charter as the Boy Scouts of America.

According to city staff, Police and Fire Explorer Posts – also related to the Boy Scouts of America – fall under “Learning for Life” and have different guidelines than the Boy and Sea Scouts.


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