Sewer Repairs in Gulfport


Q: What areas of the city have priority for sewer repairs? How much line, per year, will the city fix?

A: Gulfport will fix the sewer line from Beach Boulevard South to 58th Street South and from Shore Boulevard South to 28th Avenue South.

"This area was already televised," Public Works Director Don Sopak said. "We have $465,000 in the... budget for next year, and if we slip line the mostly eight inch sewer mains we can [repair] about 10,000 linear feet."

"Sliplining" refers to a method of repairing leaks that can also restore the structural stability of pipes. Gulfport could slipline the larger main sewer pipes but would not be able to repair as much of the system.

"Larger sewer mains would reduce the linear feet as they cost more to slip line," Sopak said.

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