She said what???


"I will vote to stop taxpayer funding of all lawsuits. If the developers want their high rises, they can pay for their own lawsuits."

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read this statement by Brooke Anderson, candidate for the St Pete Beach City Commission.

Talk about a conflict of interest! The lone remaining suit against the City on development issues was filed by her husband, Jim Anderson. Maybe she could help cut the City's legal costs by persuading him to drop his suit.

But she does not stop with just his suit. No, she does not want the City to defend itself in ANY lawsuit. Wonder how that would work out on code enforcement cases? In her imaginary world, anybody can sue the City on any issue and automatically win...because the City can't defend itself? What???

This naive and uninformed statement, all by itself, shows she does not have a clue about governance or issues facing the City and disqualifies this candidate from serious consideration by the voters.

Pat Anderson
St. Pete Beach