Single Stream Recycling in Gulfport

Q: The County just went to single-stream recycling. Is this in the near future for Gulfport and, if so, when?


A: “Single stream” recycling refers to co-mingled recyclables. Simply put, when a city embraces single stream recycling, sanitation workers don’t have to sort recyclables. The sorting will take place at a regional recycling center.

Gulfport would like to convert to single-stream recycling, but, according to Public Works Director Don Sopak, “having no single stream processing facility in Pinellas County makes it difficult and expensive to transport our curbside recycling products to be sold.”

All is not lost, however – the city is working with a recycling company that wants to convert a St. Petersburg facility to single stream.

“If they are successful and pay enough for the product,” Mr. Sopak explains, “we could convert from our existing dual stream to single stream.” However, the company has yet to give the city a time frame for this conversion.

If you don’t want to sort your recycling, you can bring it to a county dropoff site. In December of last year, Pinellas County approved a contract with Waste Management to collect “single stream” recycling at the county’s dropoff sites.


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