Snapdragons for Swimmers


Karen Lanigan, owner of Karen's Florist on Gulfport Boulevard, has found a way to help raise money for the Boca Ciega High swim team – and it doesn't involve car washes or selling candy bars.

For $20, anyone can get a "flower card" from Karen's florist. For that $20, they receive wrapped flowers once a month. Every month has a different theme and the card does not expire. All of the money will go directly to the swim team; Karen's Florist keeps none.

"The money that they raise will be spent on the entire team," Lanigan says. "It will benefit the ones who can’t afford to compete and it will buy the supplies that they need."

She doesn't have a family member on the team, she says she chose to help the team "because it’s a great group of kids and they just need a little help with the funding."

"I would love for them to go to every swim meet and take first place," she says. "Every bit of the money they make will stay with the swim team, I just want to give back to the kids of our future."

Support the swim team by getting your flower card at Karen's Florist of Gulfport, 5122 Gulfport Boulevard South, calling (727) 329-8808, or e-mailing

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