Softball unfairness in Gulfport
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A 64 year old man wanted to play senior softball with the Gulfport Boomerangs. He was denied that chance by a high ranking officer of the Boomerangs. That decision was based on a comment made by a couple players from the Boomerangs. 99% of all the players there are outstanding people on and off the field. One or two players went to a high ranking officer and complained about this man even though this player had done nothing wrong to anyone. The player denied is a mediocre player at best and he is not going to hurt anyone there. He makes many comments during the game but not to anyone in particular. He even brought a hockey stick to batting practice. Most of us thought that was funny. I was at Hoyt Field 2 days before this man arrived. I know that one of the Gulfport players was talking to a high ranking official about the denied man. I heard the high ranking officer say " I am not going to let him in". This was an unfair decision. The man denied deserves a chance to play. As for me, I'll probably never play at Hoyt Field again. I hate unfairness and that is why this man was denied. I saw the hurt in the denied mans eyes the next time I saw him. He didn't deserve this and he should be allowed to play.
Wayne Hill
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