SPB wins another lawsuit


Once again SPB prevails in a lawsuit brought by Ken Weiss. This time the appeals court rejected Weiss' challenge to Judge Demer's ruling that the city did not violate the Sunshine Laws and that the city followed the rules regarding shade meetings. Once again Ken Weiss loses a lawsuit against the city pf SPB. He is now zero for 10 or 11 or maybe it is 12. Either way, the individuals that have challenged Weiss to explain why he feels he is competent to "practice" law in the fileds of land use and municipal law appear to be correct. He is in way over his head and does not appear to have any idea of what he is doing as shown by the lack of a single win on his part. The only thing Weiss has accomplished so far is costing the residents of SPB over $1 million dollars in legal fees and the loss of about $800,000 a year in additional tax revenue. The big losers in all of this are the residents in whose votes Weiss and his squadron of trained monkeys work so hard to negate.