St. Pete Beach and Fort DeSoto Toll Plazas

Q: The Bayway Bridge toll just went up to 75¢. Who gets that money? Will the SunPass rate also increase?

A: According to St. Pete Beach City Manager Mike Bonfield, the state gets 100% of what you pay to cross the Bayway Bridge. “The State of Florida... uses them for maintenance and future replacement of the various roads and bridges,” he said.

 The east and west Bayway tolls now cost cash customers 75¢ (up from 50¢). The south Bayway toll (leading to Fort DeSoto) will now cost 50¢ (up from 35¢).

 SunPass customers will not see this rate increase. SunPass customer service says they have  no plans to increase the cost of the $50 commuter pass when it expires in September.

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