St. Pete Beach Anderson Lawsuit

Q: What is the status of the Anderson lawsuit? The city commission said it would try to settle the case - why hasn't this happened yet?

A: According to city staff, attempts to settle this last lingering lawsuit have proved frustrating.
 “The city is interested in settling this case and has continually asked for a specific settlement proposal from the plaintiff's attorney (Ken Weiss),” city manager Mike Bonfield explained. “To date all we have received are a number of concerns with no clear understanding of what the plaintiff [Mr. Anderson] wants in return for dropping the lawsuit. Based on our past experience in dealing with Mr. Weiss, the city commission is not interested in spending more time and money negotiating this matter but will consider a specific binding proposal.”
 In the next few weeks the city’s attorneys will file a “motion for summary judgment” in the Anderson case.
 “We hope to have a hearing scheduled within a few months,” Mr. Bonfield said. In addition, the city is “reviewing options to secure reimbursement for some cost and fees from the plaintiff should the city ultimately prevail in the case.”

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