St. Pete Beach Community Center Budget


Q: What is the annual budget for the community center/pool and how much revenue does it earn?

A: For fiscal year 2012, the city budgeted $915,597 (including $16,603 in capital) for the community center. The total revenue amounted to $433,296 ($112,402 pool - $302,025 Community center - $18,869 misc/donations), meaning the community center had a “cost recovery” of 47.3%.

 For this fiscal year, however, under the management of the new director, Jennifer McMahon, the city has spent $541, 263 and have brought in $318,827 in revenue, raising the cost recovery rate to 58.9% at the end of the second quarter.

 According to Ms. McMahon, the typical parks and recreation department has a cost recovery of 34%, but St. Pete Beach divides those two departments budgetarily. Factoring in the city’s parks budget, St. Pete Beach has an overall cost recovery of roughly 30%.

 “So we’re not too far off and with this year’s cost recovery increasing, that would put us above the national average,” she says. “My goal is to get us into the 70’s % on cost recovery for the facility.”

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