St. Pete Beach Community Center Costs

Q: Recently the city commission discussed renaming the community center and mentioned Ms. Morean as a donor. How much money did she donate to the Community Center? What other sources of funding paid for the building and associated park?

A: Ms. Morean donated $458,000, making her the largest non-governmental source of funding for the community center. The total project cost $8.2 million. That included demolition of old city hall/police station and public works annex, removal of old fuel tanks and cleanup of soil contamination from former Misener Marine operations, complete renovation of the existing gymnasium, and construction of seawall, Horan Park and pavilion, swimming pool, community center building and all site improvements.

 The city paid for the project the following ways:

Penny for Pinellas/General capital improvement project revenues: $3,700,000

Loan (with loan payments through 2018 from Penny for Pinellas): $3,900,000

Donations, Beth Morean: $458,000

Donations, Other: $205,000

Total Cost$8,200,000